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McDonald’s Drinks Menu With Price Philippines (Updated 2024)

We’re also showing you how much it costs and pictures of everything you can order. All the information comes straight from McDonald’s Philippines, so you know it’s true. Whether you want a burger or a drink, our guide has everything you need. Come and enjoy the yummy food at reasonable prices at McDonald’s Philippines.

McDonald’s Drinks Menu Philippines 2024


McDonald’s milkshakes are a classic choice, especially for dessert or a sweet treat.

Soft Drinks

McDonald’s offers a wide variety of Coca-Cola fountain drinks, Sprite, Fanta, and Diet Coke. 

McCafe Hot Coffee

McDonald’s McCafe offers hot brewed coffee in various sizes, a popular choice a caffeine boost.

McDonald’s Soft Drinks

 Mcdo Juice Drinks

Iced Teas

McDonald’s Coffee & Frappés

McDo Bottled Water & Juice

Delivery Information

You can order through various delivery platforms like Foodpanda, Grabfood or their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

McDonald’s in the Philippines offers a variety of drinks including sodas, iced coffee, milkshakes, fruit juices, and more.

Drinks at McDonald’s are typically available in small, medium, and large sizes, depending on the beverage.

Yes, McDonald’s may offer seasonal drinks during holidays or special occasions. These could include festive flavors or limited-time offerings.

Final Words

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