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McDo Big Mac Menu & Price Philippines (Updated 2024) 

Welcome to McDonald’s Big Mac Menu in the Philippines. We have famous things like the McDo Big Mac and the yummy Grand McChicken. People love McDonald’s because the food tastes good, is good quality, and isn’t expensive. Whether you’re with family, friends, or by yourself, there’s something tasty for everyone on their menu.

Take a peek at the McDo Big Mac Philippines guide. It shows you all the yummy stuff at McDonald’s in the Philippines and tells you how much it costs. There are many pictures, too, so you can see how tasty everything looks. Let’s go on a yummy adventure through McDonald’s Philippines, from the famous Big Mac to their newest treats.

McDonald’s McDo Big Mac Menu

Grand McChicken

This big sandwich is new at some places. It’s like a McChicken but on a huge bun with lots of chicken, mayo, and lettuce. A yummy taste of big sandwitch.

McChicken with Cheese

Make your McChicken special with some cheddar cheese on top. It adds a yummy taste that goes great with the mayo.

McChicken Bacon Ranch

Add crispy bacon and tangy ranch sauce for an explosion of flavor. The salty bacon and creamy ranch make the sandwich even better.

Mighty Wings & McChicken Combo

This isn’t exactly a McChicken, but it’s a tasty way to enjoy chicken. Try it with crispy Mighty Wings for a delicious combo.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The Big Mac is a famous McDonald’s burger featuring two all-beef patties and three soft sesame seed buns. It’s layered with special sauce, lettuce, shredded onions, American cheese, and dill pickles.

That depends on your appetite and what you’re looking for. The Big Mac is a classic and satisfying burger, but there might be other menu options that are more affordable or better suited to your dietary needs.

The Philippines currently offers the Big Mac and the Double Big Mac, which has four beef patties instead of two.

Final Words

McChicken is a classic menu item, some McDonald’s locations are testing a more extensive version called the Grand McChicken. If you’re looking for a familiar and delicious chicken sandwich, the McChicken is an excellent option.

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