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McDonald’s Cagayan De Oro Outlets & Opening Hours

In the Philippines, like in Cagayan de Oro, Tagum, Greenfield Shaw, and Macapagal, McDonald’s has tasty food like Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets. We also have unique Filipino dishes like McSpaghetti and Chicken McDo. People like going there because getting food is easy and fast, especially with drive-thru services. McDonald’s is a convenient and quick choice for folks in Cagayan de Oro who want a yummy meal in a hurry.

Popular Items At McDonald’s Cagayan De Oro Philippines Outlet

Chicken McNuggets


Big Mac

McDo Fries

McDonald's Cebu City Outlets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are over 10 McDonald’s outlets within Cagayan de Oro, offering convenient access throughout the city.

Most McDonald’s outlets in Iloilo are open 24 hours. Still, some exceptions, like those located in malls or specific areas, may exist. It’s always best to check the particular outlet’s information online or through the McDo app.

The vast majority of McDonald’s outlets in Iloilo feature McCafe. You can always confirm through the McDonald’s Philippines website or app.

Yes, all McDonald’s outlets in Cagayan de Oro offer delivery through McDelivery. You can order online or through the McDo app.

Similar to other Filipino locations, popular items include Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, Cheese Burgers, Fries, McDo Sundae, McDo Filipino Burger, Longganisa McDo, McDip, Big Mac, Happy Meals, Chicken McNuggets, and various breakfast items.

Final Word

In Cagayan de Oro, McDonald’s is a happy place where people enjoy yummy food. Our mix of global favorites with local flavors makes everyone feel at home. McDonald’s menu has tasty choices, from famous burgers to unique Filipino-inspired dishes. McDonald’s in Iloilo is not just a place to eat; it’s part of the city’s food scene and brings smiles to people. It’s like a friendly neighbor everyone loves, making McDonald’s an excellent and tasty part of life in Cagayan de Oro.

McDonald’s Cagayan De Oro Outlets In Philippines

Checkout more location in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines here:

McDonald’s Cagayan De Oro Reviews

Reynaldo BarnidoReynaldo Barnido
05:44 28 Apr 24
Caesar GBCaesar GB
21:33 25 Apr 24
My favorite McDo branch in Tagum.
Almar Lauren CandaAlmar Lauren Canda
01:24 25 Apr 24
Kenneth del RosarioKenneth del Rosario
10:09 16 Feb 24
king junking jun
03:05 15 Feb 24
Felisa EscalonaFelisa Escalona
07:41 11 Feb 24
Milagros DuroMilagros Duro
10:55 06 Feb 24
Friendly staff .fast delivery of food
Bob BuenavistaBob Buenavista
06:17 29 Jan 24
Angel B.Angel B.
03:06 26 Jan 24
The best coffee
Sepp HolzSepp Holz
12:06 19 Jan 24
Long wait for the food, cold fries not what I expect from McDonald's, there would still be a lot of potential
Justin Ray NocosJustin Ray Nocos
09:07 17 Jan 24
AlaKing is delicious especially with McFloat
Miah MelecioMiah Melecio
22:04 15 Jan 24
Adrian Ramos DumporAdrian Ramos Dumpor
15:01 09 Jan 24
A Google User
A Google User
17:43 30 Dec 23
Ruth EscorelRuth Escorel
05:56 27 Dec 23
Joenela Mae GabicaJoenela Mae Gabica
03:57 27 Dec 23
Carlo ManubagCarlo Manubag
03:49 20 Oct 23
just any other burger place, self service, not quiet staff friendly
David AlexanderDavid Alexander
11:16 01 Apr 23
Today the menu board prices matched the actual price being charged customers. Paid 163 pesos for a cheeseburger, large fry and large Coke. Typical McDonalds fare. Satisfied my hunger. I eat there frequently and keep them on their toes.
Harry WardHarry Ward
13:12 27 Mar 23
Nice new store. Food usual fine standard. A plus is the upstairs private party room.
Colin HillColin Hill
10:33 27 Sep 22
It's McD. Just Filipino version.Friendly staff. Everything was very nice and can see the difference in care they take compared to the UK. Only thing for me was the burgers. Taste very different from UK beef patty. Nice just very different.
Faizza TanggolFaizza Tanggol
15:28 26 Aug 18
This is a good-sized Mcdonald’s along the highway of Tagum City and in front of Gaisano mall. I think it’s newly-opened. The food is typical and the service is quick. The server didn’t quite get my order of cheesy eggdesal with sausage, he forgot the sausage, but it’s fine.

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