McDonald’s Group Meals Menu In Philippines (Updated 2024)

Welcome to McDonald’s Group Meals Menu in Philippines; we have special meals called Group Selections made for sharing with friends and family. These meals are perfect if everyone likes different things.

You can choose from five options like Chicken McDo, BFF Fries, and McSpaghetti. Pick what you want depending on how many people you’re feeding and what everyone likes. If you want more variety, you can also add other items from the regular menu.

McDonald’s Group Meals Menu Philippines


This yummy dish is spaghetti with a sweet tomato sauce, unlike the kind you might find at other fast food places. It’s a Filipino favorite.

BFF Fries

These crispy fries come with a unique flavor powder. You shake the bag to mix the flavoring, making the fries yummy.

Chicken McDo

This is McDonald’s classic fried chicken. It’s juicy and crispy, perfect for dipping in their unique sauces.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, McDonald’s ensures all ingredients used in the Group Meals Menu in the Philippines comply with Halal standards. This includes sourcing meat and other products from certified suppliers who adhere to strict guidelines to maintain their Halal status.

McDonald’s Group Meals in the Philippines offers a variety of popular items that cater to different tastes and preferences. Some favorites include the Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, Burger McDo, and the iconic McDonald’s fries. These items are loved by families and groups for their delicious taste and satisfying portions, making them ideal for sharing.

Not exactly, but they come with various famous McDonald’s items like Chicken McDo, fries, and drinks. You can also add anything else from the regular menu to make sure there’s something everyone will love.

Final Words

Are you getting ready for a party or a fun meal with your friends and family? McDonald’s Group Meals in the Philippines can make it easy. They have different sizes and your favorite McDo food. That means there’s something yummy for everyone. So, gather your loved ones and have a tasty meal together without any trouble.

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