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McDonald’s Iloilo City Outlets & Opening Hours

McDonald’s in Iloilo City, which includes places like Iloilo, IT Park, and Binangonan, is where people go for quick and yummy meals. We have the usual tasty burgers, chicken, fries, and sweets. Sometimes, unique dishes might be made just for Iloilo City. People like these McDonald’s because they’re easy to get to, suitable for families, and might even have cool technology for ordering. Let’s find out why these spots are so popular and if there are any interesting things about them.

Popular Items At McDonald’s Iloilo City Philippines Outlet

Big Mac

McDo Fries

Chicken McNuggets


McDonald's Iloilo City Menu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are over 10 McDonald’s outlets within Iloilo City, offering convenient access throughout the city.

Most McDonald’s outlets in Iloilo are open 24 hours. Still, some exceptions, like those located in malls or specific areas, may exist. It’s always best to check the particular outlet’s information online or through the McDo app.

The vast majority of McDonald’s outlets in Iloilo feature McCafe. You can always confirm through the McDonald’s Philippines website or app.

Yes, all McDonald’s outlets in Iloilo City offer delivery through McDelivery. You can order online or through the McDo app.

Similar to other Filipino locations, popular items include Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, Cheese Burgers, Fries, McDo Sundae, McDo Filipino Burger, Longganisa McDo, McDip, Big Mac, Happy Meals, Chicken McNuggets, and various breakfast items.

While rare, some Iloilo outlets might offer temporary local deals or promotions with unique menu items. Keep an eye out for signage or ask the staff about local specials.

Final Word

In Iloilo City, McDonald’s is a happy place where people enjoy yummy food. Our mix of global favorites with local flavors makes everyone feel at home. McDonald’s menu has tasty choices, from famous burgers to unique Filipino-inspired dishes. McDonald’s in Iloilo is not just a place to eat; it’s part of the city’s food scene and brings smiles to people. It’s like a friendly neighbor everyone loves, making McDonald’s an excellent and tasty part of life in Iloilo City.

McDonald’s Iloilo City Outlets In Philippines

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McDonald’s Iloilo City Reviews

Based on 617 reviews
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08:37 23 May 24
I have been traveling through this area for a month now, and I still haven't been able to find a McDonalds that has a big mac or quarter pounder. I went on Thursday between 12 and 1 (lunch time) and they literally only had small burgers, chicken and something else I didnt care for. Why do people even go to McDonald's in the Philippines? If you don't have a big mac or quarter pounder during lunch time, then you are not a McDonalds. The McDonalds was extremely noisy as well, screaming kids. The staff was friendly though.
Christine AnnChristine Ann
05:24 16 Mar 24
sebastian nsebastian n
00:33 08 Mar 24
Michael BernalMichael Bernal
18:12 25 Feb 24
Christian Dee UsaresChristian Dee Usares
16:57 19 Feb 24
Love that they turned into a cafe.
Vanessa SefilVanessa Sefil
10:26 11 Feb 24
Janelle SormilloJanelle Sormillo
09:00 09 Feb 24
Janelle SormilloJanelle Sormillo
08:58 09 Feb 24
Shin SoShin So
08:53 09 Feb 24
Worst customer service ever! Went there to eat before my shift. Waited 20 minutes for my turn in the kiosk then suddenly a group of people went inside. Then the crew stopped me and told that group of people to go first. If I would’ve waited, I would be late for work! Wasted my time to patiently wait on my queue just for the crew to prioritize people who just came in! Worst McDonald’s branch in Iloilo!
Sharlene GoticoSharlene Gotico
05:01 06 Feb 24
Raynier ArcaRaynier Arca
12:16 01 Feb 24
Froilan Ernst SironFroilan Ernst Siron
10:36 01 Feb 24
Tin LimTin Lim
01:40 24 Jan 24
David MossDavid Moss
03:53 22 Jan 24
Jimmy belle LeonardoJimmy belle Leonardo
22:59 21 Jan 24
Rose Ann Gepes OmatangRose Ann Gepes Omatang
17:34 19 Jan 24
Jude RyanJude Ryan
03:20 18 Jan 24
It's a shame that the great food and atmosphere did not translate to an excellent service during our visit. We waited for almost an hour for our order. Since they just recently renovated, they should have planned how to operate well. I must commend that this is the best McDonalds resto at the moment, but they must improve the service.
Project626 ProgramProject626 Program
09:43 10 Jan 24
Mario De ToreMario De Tore
15:39 22 Oct 23
Never had an issue with food at this location, but it can get very crowded at times. Most of the upstairs seating is closed off even when downstairs is overcrowded. The section that is open upstairs smells moldy from a water leak issue.
Rutchel LedesmaRutchel Ledesma
08:46 06 Oct 23
I would like to give a commendation to Ms Jerah at the counter for her attention and patience as I make my somewhat confusing order. She was also quick and charming.
Nilo TaroballesNilo Taroballes
11:02 25 Aug 23
Nice place to go for smaller parties or even solo during rush hours. Ambient place with friendly crew.
Mandy OdevilasMandy Odevilas
14:55 30 Sep 22
I ordered some spice nuggets for takeout and when I tried to eat it, it was very dry. So dissapointed to have this experienced especially when paying 100+ for some nuggets. This nuggets was obviously left out for too long and I don't know why they still have to serve it.
08:37 22 Aug 22
Received no tomatoes at first. Than waited to receive Rotten GREEN tomatoes on my burger. They said sorry 😣

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