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McDonald’s Manila Outlets & Opening Hours

McDonald’s in Manila, like Ortigas, Quezon Ave, and McDonald’s in San Fernando La Union, is a handy place for people who live there. We serve the usual tasty burgers, chicken, fries, and desserts. Sometimes, We have unique local dishes that people like.

People go there because it’s quick and suitable for families, and some places even have areas for kids to play. McDonald’s also makes ordering easy with technology. It’s a familiar and easy choice for a yummy and fast meal many people enjoy in Manila.

Popular Items At McDo Manila Philippines Outlet

Big Mac

McDo Fries

Chicken McNuggets


McDonald's Manila

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are currently over 40 McDonald’s outlets within Manila City itself, with even more in the surrounding areas.

Most McDonald’s outlets in Manila are open 24 hours, but exceptions may exist for those located in specific buildings or areas. It’s always best to check the specific outlet’s information online or through the McDo app.

Yes, all McDonald’s outlets in Manila offer delivery through McDelivery. You can order online or through the McDo app.

Similar to other places in the Philippines, popular items include Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, Cheese Burgers, Fries, McDo Sundae, McDo Filipino Burger, Longganisa McDo, McDip, Big Mac, Happy Meals, Chicken McNuggets, and various breakfast items.

Final Word

McDonald’s in Manila, especially at Manila, Clark, and Guagua, is a friendly place to get tasty burgers, chicken, fries, and treats. Sometimes, We have unique local dishes. People like it because it’s fast, suitable for families, and kids can play there. McDonald’s also uses accessible technology for ordering. It’s a reliable and familiar spot in Manila for a quick and yummy Manila meal that many people enjoy.

McDonald’s Manila Outlets In Philippines

McDonald’s Anonas

Location: 2 Aurora Blvd, Cor Anonas, Project 3, Quezon City, 1102 Metro Manila, Philippines

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Checkout more location in Manila, Philippines here:

McDonald’s Manila Reviews

Based on 281 reviews
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Emilene RoseEmilene Rose
09:33 16 May 24
DAGSI, Dan Kenji M.DAGSI, Dan Kenji M.
12:02 13 May 24
Stone Cold Fries
Lord adam CanauganLord adam Canaugan
04:59 13 May 24
Renee AllanRenee Allan
21:25 10 May 24
Just Like home. They have chicken and spaghetti who knew
JustinDave LiclicanJustinDave Liclican
09:41 29 Apr 24
Too late. After 2hrs of waiting
Loreto Jr. MontemayorLoreto Jr. Montemayor
03:18 25 Apr 24
14:59 22 Apr 24
Jeff ArniegoJeff Arniego
18:36 21 Apr 24
Staff is really efficient!
Jesiel LamosteJesiel Lamoste
01:38 16 Apr 24
Clean surroundings and well renovated
Lucky luckyLucky lucky
20:31 06 Apr 24
Jeremias MendozaJeremias Mendoza
22:04 01 Apr 24
Jeffrey GalacgacJeffrey Galacgac
10:19 23 Mar 24
leblond philippeleblond philippe
05:32 21 Mar 24
Everything was served cold, the toilets smell bad
Jan Patrick JubiloJan Patrick Jubilo
02:25 16 Mar 24
Mariane JoyMariane Joy
14:22 08 Mar 24
Elisa GrencioElisa Grencio
05:09 29 Feb 24
Maria D.Maria D.
08:39 28 Feb 24
This is for all the McDonalds that i go to for this season of lent.. I just love their crispy Fillet of fish sandwich that i swear i want to have everyday🤣🤣🤣i will give it a 5 star.. So delicious, tasty, i love the tartar sauce too😋😋😋
Jaryd ValmonteJaryd Valmonte
11:25 18 Feb 24
The food at McDonald's is really tasty and they have all your favorite stuff like burgers, fries, and nuggets. It's always delicious and satisfying.The restaurant is a fun place to hang out with your friends or family. There's always a happy vibe and it's a great spot to relax and enjoy a meal.The staff at McDonald's are super friendly and helpful. They always greet you with a smile and make sure you have everything you need.And the best part is, McDonald's is really consistent. Whether you visit in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you can always expect the same great food and service.Overall, McDonald's in SLC La Union is the place to go for yummy food, a fun atmosphere, and friendly service. That's why it gets five stars!
Mary Anne JucoMary Anne Juco
21:59 13 Feb 24
christopher ceraldechristopher ceralde
11:56 31 Jan 24
Elizabeth MenilElizabeth Menil
11:20 04 Jan 24
Jan Alexis RoldanJan Alexis Roldan
14:51 25 Dec 23
Kimmy DoKimmy Do
08:17 22 Dec 23
Not open 24 hours.
01:59 21 Dec 23
Colin BrewerColin Brewer
08:36 26 Nov 23
Clean, usual food quality as is expected, aircon perfect on a hot day!
Rhendel Del RosarioRhendel Del Rosario
21:31 06 Sep 23
The crew is nice, the place is very clean as well.
eric sismaeteric sismaet
06:16 11 Jul 23
Good Mcdonalds location before reaching San Juan. Cozy place to sit back and relax. Accepts card payments.
14:52 08 Feb 22
It's such a cozy place, to be honest, got no problems in regards of health protocols and sanitation, it's a good place to relax, especially around 4-5 p.m. Before sunset this place become so cozy, good for afternoon dates... check out these photos(mine)
alfredo lagranaalfredo lagrana
15:02 26 Nov 21
Very accomodating. safe. following health protocols and with strictly following the social distance. they always sanitize the place.

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