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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are currently over 20 McDonald’s outlets in Makati, scattered across different barangays.

Yes, several McDonald’s in Makati are open 24 hours, including:

  • McDonald’s Buendia
  • McDonald’s Buendia Terminal
  • McDonald’s NXTGEN McKinley West
  • McDonald’s Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • McDonald’s Chino Roces Ave

Several McDonald’s in Makati have McCafe, including:

  • McDonald’s NXTGEN McKinley West
  • McDonald’s Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • McDonald’s Paseo Center

Yes, most McDonald’s in Makati offer delivery through various food delivery apps like Foodpanda, GrabFood, and McDonald’s app.

Yes, McDonald’s NXTGEN McKinley West is the only one in Makati with self-ordering kiosks currently.

Final Word

In Makati, McDonald’s is like a yummy and simple friend, just like at Buendia, Barangka, and McKinley West. They have the usual good stuff like burgers and fries, but what’s astounding are Filipino treats like McSpaghetti and Chicken McDo things people in Makati love. The great thing is it’s not too expensive, and these McDonald’s places are in easy-to-get-to spots all over the city. It’s like having your tasty favourites close by whenever you need them.

McDonald’s Makati Outlets In Philippines 

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McDonald’s Makati Reviews

McDonald's Buendia
Based on 979 reviews
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Leonardo RapadaLeonardo Rapada
08:45 23 May 24
Marissa MagpileMarissa Magpile
18:06 21 May 24
Rho RamosRho Ramos
03:12 20 May 24
John FrancisJohn Francis
15:49 19 May 24
Marivic MadesMarivic Mades
10:31 06 May 24
Super yummy taste...
Sharmane CruzSharmane Cruz
08:34 30 Apr 24
13:24 27 Apr 24
like the separate are for take-outs
Mark Kevin AbordoMark Kevin Abordo
22:56 26 Apr 24
Jilyne BaradiJilyne Baradi
07:57 19 Apr 24
Tanny HipulanTanny Hipulan
16:43 31 Mar 24
Ryan Jay BalbasRyan Jay Balbas
17:16 30 Mar 24
I ordered a ssf but only regular fries were delivered via grab. Also, the fries were not hot. In addition, no bbq sauce for the nuggets and no ketchup. Please check all the food for delivery before you handed to the rider.
arvin san antonioarvin san antonio
03:54 28 Mar 24
Jayde SebucJayde Sebuc
10:03 19 Mar 24
Shirley MagbalanaShirley Magbalana
01:36 15 Mar 24
Karen MasukbolKaren Masukbol
23:56 13 Mar 24
Demer AbarabarDemer Abarabar
06:01 13 Mar 24
13:50 10 Mar 24
Jefferson VelasquezJefferson Velasquez
09:20 10 Mar 24
Arvin MartinezArvin Martinez
10:24 09 Mar 24
Rod ansell LabateteRod ansell Labatete
15:51 03 Mar 24
Its really fast service
07:20 28 Feb 24
Michelle LorzanoMichelle Lorzano
12:27 18 Feb 24
Amandine LegrasseAmandine Legrasse
07:07 18 Feb 24
The machines to take your order are unable to process card payments. I tired 3 times before giving up. There are long queues and it's cramped and chaotic. Not recommended
Yang jiachengYang jiacheng
18:59 17 Feb 24
Kyla Mae AlbanoKyla Mae Albano
23:40 15 Feb 24
Aybs CaberoAybs Cabero
11:47 03 Feb 24
14:36 28 Jan 24
Dyanica JunioDyanica Junio
11:47 23 Jan 24
My experiences here were all great except for the restroom's smell.Staff were accommodating and polite.
07:23 23 Jan 24
jayson laojayson lao
14:54 16 Jan 24
I'm not in the habit of reporting to the merchant that's why I took out order mc do buendia me did you pay ketchup just one piece you put your cloth.King, I'll pay, I'll pay, you don't need to complain about it, it's just ketchup.The bueandia mc makes me lose my appetite when I eat ketchup
Maria Alona GillamaMaria Alona Gillama
08:14 14 Jan 24
16:08 12 Jan 24
Maribel DaluniagMaribel Daluniag
02:34 11 Jan 24
04:25 30 Dec 23
02:23 29 Dec 23
Jan Vincent FranciscoJan Vincent Francisco
15:30 20 Dec 23
Small space
hu Huhuhu Huhu
04:13 20 Dec 23
Uelfoto TVUelfoto TV
09:23 15 Dec 23
Johnathan WalkerJohnathan Walker
05:34 04 Jun 23
Overcooked quarter pounder: dry and pretty bad. I asked them to cook a fresh one, same result. Lower dining area a basement of despair. Employees didn't clean up tables. This location is similar in quality to the USA. SAD.
I really believe the design of their dine in space is really stuffy. If in a busy time people eat all at the same time, their arms will clash with the other table which will be very awkward.I think they should make it more spacious but serve time is as expected for every fast food. The food is delicious. We ordered McChicken and Chicken Fillet.
Randy GeronRandy Geron
22:23 08 Jan 23
Their big McDonald burger 🍔 was so yummy and delicious. Place is newly renovated. More convenient, it is Easy to order because of additional digital ordering machine with monitor.
Jonah SalazarJonah Salazar
03:05 15 Apr 22
On this specific establishment, the employees are very rude.I asked for a replacement for my sundae since there was an insect atop of it (I think it was a fly).I called the attention of one of the female service crew (let's call her "E") who was mopping the floor not far from me. I wasn't being scandalous or anything just simply called her out for assistance on my low tone voice.She grab the sundae and went to the counter to have it replaced. A few minutes after, the girl in the counter (let's call her "C") yelled to "E" to come over, but she didn't respond. So "C" went to my table and placed it on my table like a child throwing a simmering tantrum.No excuses, no apologies, just dropped it on my tray, and left.I'm already disappointed at this point because of the service, but thought to not dwell on it too much so I continued eating. However, there's another guy who came to the small stairs and you would know that the topic of their discussion was that sundae I asked to be replaced.I still wanted to enjoy my meal so I pay no mind to whatever they are doing and continued eating. The last straw for me, "E" was mopping the floor and she kept banging the foot of my chair with her mop like 3-4 times while I was eating. She didn't even apologized that she had been mopping underneath my chair, banging on the chair's feet, disturbing my peacefulness.Ohhhh..and I never ate the replacement sundae. It was not even half full unlike the originally served sundae, and who knows what happened to that, when the crews' attitude are like that I don't trust that they served it rightfully.Never again, will I order on this branch.
Elwin TaiElwin Tai
01:05 19 Jun 19
need improvement on breakfast section, for the first time in my life i did not finished up the Big Breakfast. The buns are so awful and hard that you can actually used it as a weapon. the hash brown was one of the worst i ever had in McDonald's.

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