McDonald’s Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Menu & Price Philippines (Updated 2024)

Welcome to McDonald’s Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Menu in Philippines has something; It’s like a mix of the Big Mac burger and cheesy pasta. Everyone’s buzzing about it. It’s a fun twist on McDonald’s food that will make your taste buds super happy. So, get ready for a yummy adventure at McDonald’s in Philippines.

McDonald’s Secret Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Menu

Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger

The Mushroom Pepper Steak is a gastronomic delight. It features a succulent steak smothered in a rich, earthy mushroom pepper sauce.

Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Nuggets

Crispy nuggets topped with a layer of creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, offering a satisfying blend of textures and flavors.

Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Fries

McDonald’s golden fries generously smothered in velvety cheese sauce, creating a delightful mix of crispy potatoes and gooey cheese.

Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Wrap

Soft tortilla wraps filled with Big Mac ingredients and a generous serving of creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, combining familiar flavors in a handheld option.

Nutritional Information

Delivery Information

You can order from different delivery services such as Foodpanda, Grabfood, or McDonald’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, McDonald’s ensures that all ingredients used in the Secret Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Menu in the Philippines comply with Halal standards.

Absolutely, You can ask for a cheeseburger instead of a Big Mac and skip the ketchup and pickles to save money. Want a more intense cheese flavor? Ask for extra Cheese.

The price will depend on your customization. A Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese will likely cost the same as a regular Big Mac, while a cheeseburger version might be cheaper.

Final Words

Try McDonald’s new Secret Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Menu. It’s mac ‘n’ cheese mixed with Big Mac stuff. It tastes yummy and is different from the usual McDonald’s food. Give it a try and enjoy something unique.

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