McDonald’s Hash Browns McMuffin Menu In Philippines (Updated 2024)

Welcome to McDonald’s Secret Menu Hash Browns McMuffin In Philippines; This tasty sandwich is like a breakfast upgrade, combining the classic McMuffin with crispy hash browns. Imagine a toasted English muffin with a sausage patty, a fresh egg, cheese, and a crunchy hash brown inside.

McDonald’s is full of surprises, and the Hash Browns McMuffin is one of the best. It’s a fun twist on a familiar favorite, giving you a delicious mix of flavors and textures. So, next time you’re at McDonald’s and want something new for breakfast, just ask for the Hash Browns McMuffin you won’t be disappointed.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Hash Browns McMuffin

Hash Browns McMuffin

A delicious breakfast sandwich with a hash brown inside.

McDonald’s Secret Menu & Price

Nutrition Information

Delivery Information

You can order through various delivery platforms like Foodpanda, Grabfood or their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

It’s a special item not listed on the regular menu. It’s made by adding a hash brown to a traditional Egg McMuffin.

Just like the regular Egg McMuffin, availability may depend on the restaurant’s breakfast hours.

Yes, you can ask for additional toppings like cheese or bacon, but this may vary depending on the McDonald’s location.

Final Words

McDonald’s Secret Menu Hash Browns McMuffin, With its crispy hash browns, egg, and cheese on an English muffin, it was a tasty treat. Though it’s gone now, let’s remember the deliciousness it brought us.

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