McDonald’s Snack Burger McShare Menu In Philippines (Updated 2024)

McDo Snack Burger McShare Menu Philippines

Snack Burgers

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You can order through various delivery platforms like Foodpanda, Grabfood or their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The Snack Burger McShane is a perfect meal for 2-3 people. It comes with 3 Snack Burgers, a large order of BFF Fries, and 3 Apple Pies for a sweet treat.

The Snack Burgers are smaller than regular cheeseburgers, so they’re perfect for a snack or sharing. They’re still yummy, though, with a juicy beef patty, melty cheese, and all the classic fixings.

The McShare Meal only comes with a large order of BFF Fries. These delicious classic fries are perfect for sharing with friends.

Yes, McDonald’s ensures that all ingredients used in the Snack Burger McShare Menu in the Philippines comply with Halal standards. The beef patties used in the burgers are sourced from suppliers certified to provide Halal meat, adhering to strict guidelines to maintain its Halal status.

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