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Chicken McShare Family Bundle Menu

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The Chicken McShare Family Bundle Menu at McDonald’s Philippines is a meal made for sharing with family or friends. It has yummy fried chicken pieces mainly.

There are typically three sizes available:

  • Chicken McShare Box (6 Pieces): This is the smallest option, good for a small group or a snack.
  • Chicken McShare Box (8 Pieces): A good middle-ground size for a family of 3-4.
  • Spicy Chicken McShare Box (15 Pieces or 20 Pieces): For those who love a bit of heat, this option comes in two sizes, perfect for feeding a larger group.

Sometimes, what you get can change depending on where you are and if there are any special deals. But usually, you’ll just get the chicken pieces. If you want more, you can add sides and drinks to make your meal complete.

Prices can fluctuate, but you can expect to pay around:

  • ₱495 for the 6-piece Chicken McShare Box
  • ₱651 for the 8-piece Chicken McShare Box
  • ₱925 for the 15-piece Spicy Chicken McShare Box
  • ₱1199 for the 20-piece Spicy Chicken McShare Box

The McShare Family Bundle is all about chicken, but McDonald’s Philippines has other meals for families too, like burgers, spaghetti, and rice. Just look at our menu for more info.

While McDelivery availability can vary by location, the Chicken McShare Family Bundle is usually available for McDelivery.  Check the McDo Philippines app or website to confirm your location.

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