McDonald’s 20-Pc Chicken McNuggets Menu Ph

McDonald’s 20-Pc Chicken McNuggets Menu In Philippines (Updated 2024)

Welcome to McDonald’s 20-pc Chicken McNuggets Menu in Philippines; It’s a popular choice because it gives you a lot of crispy chicken bites to enjoy. You can have them with different sauces or just eat them plain. It’s a tasty and easy option for a meal at McDonald’s in the Philippines.

McDonald’s 20-pc Chicken McNuggets Menu

20-pc Chicken McNuggets

Fries (size may vary)

Drink (choice may vary)

Nutritional Information

Delivery Information

You can order through various delivery platforms like Foodpanda, Grabfood or their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, McDonald’s ensures that all ingredients used in the 20-pc Chicken McNuggets Menu in the Philippines comply with Halal standards. The chicken used in the McNuggets is sourced from suppliers certified to provide Halal meat, adhering to strict guidelines to maintain its Halal status.

This meal includes a whopping 20 delicious Chicken McNuggets. It’s perfect for sharing with friends or family, or maybe you just really love McNuggets.

Along with your 20 McNuggets, the meal usually includes a medium order of fries. The drink may vary depending on the location, but you’ll likely have a choice of yummy options like soda, juice, or iced tea.

The 20-piece Chicken McNugget Meal doesn’t typically include sauces, but you can always add some for a small extra cost! McDonald’s offers a variety of dipping sauces so you can find your perfect flavour match.

Final Words

Do you want lots of chicken nuggets? McDonald’s has a meal with 20 nuggets, fries, and a drink. It’s good for one person or to share with friends. Go to the nearest McDonald’s In Philippines and get your nugget meal today.

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